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Sustainable clothing

Our commitments

Today we must all become actors of change - in a context where environmental and social issues concern us all.

At the heart of this global awareness, particularly in the textile industry, we have been able to integrate an approach that combines responsibility and quality in the design and development of our collections.

With four pillars:

-The quality of the garment.

We use noble materials where attention is paid to detail; hand stitching, shells for buttons and embroidery to offer a timeless and quality garment.

-Respect for the working conditions of our craftsmen.

We attach great importance to the working conditions of the craftsmen who work in our workshops. We make sure that the working conditions are ideal both for their safety and that their income
is fair and that their traditions are respected and preserved.

-Proximity to our suppliers.

Most of our fabrics and materials are sourced in Bali. We made this choice to be close to the origin of our products and to support the local economy.

-Respect for the environment.

We have chosen to use short supply channels to reduce our impact on the environment. The objective of Maison les énervés by next year is also to eliminate all environmentally harmful dyes and to
turn to natural alternatives.
We strive every day to find solutions to offer sustainable clothing and to inscribe " Maison les énervés " in a movement where social and environmental practices are more responsible.

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