For the restless,
for the disruptors, For the passionate ones...

The "Énervés" have character, they immerse themselves in new experiences, they have adaptable lifestyles that are out of the ordinary. The pieces we create are an embodiment of the "Énervés"; they are our muse, and our embroideries pay homage to them.

The designs we create are also heavily inspired by architecture, as our Moroccan founder Wakim Krari is an architect, he likes to combine architectural lines and different sewing techniques while paying particular attention to detail.

With a high influence from the vibrant Moroccan cultures, Our designs pair unconventional fabrics and timeless silhouettes, they are extremely versatile, easy to wear, and take you from day to night effortlessly. Every single design goes through a meticulous production process, from sourcing high-quality natural fabrics to overseeing each stitch and ensuring it is sewn without flaw.

We like to break the boundaries at Maison Les Énervés by using materials and sewing methods that are rarely used in the fashion industry, such as honeycomb mesh we use to create our best-selling pants and hoodies. We love challenging ourselves by turning these

fabrics into slow fashion ready-to-wear garments.

"In the world of architecture, attention to detail is very important, each element must have its place and be in harmony with each other to create a whole that is functional"

- Wakim Krari



The inspiration for our designs draws from notable architects and artists such as the modern structures of Ludwig Mies van der, the technical details of Franklin L. Wright, the organic shapes of Zaha Hadid – and our hand-embroidered pieces are a nod to the works of Picasso and Jean Cocteau.

Last but not least Wakim integrates sustainable practices and slow fashion into his brand ethos. The designs are produced between Morocco and Bali, by local artisans and craftsmen.

We attach great importance to the working conditions of the craftsmen who work in our workshops. We make sure that the working conditions are ideal both for their safety and that their income is fair and that their traditions are respected and preserved.

Wakim has pledged to minimize single-use plastics throughout his production and work mostly with natural and recyclable fabrics. He and the team at Maison Les Énervés are constantly looking for new ways to improve the ecological impact of the brand








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