.Our materials

The choice of the material is fundamental in the well being and quality of a garment.
Our wardrobe is made exclusively with natural materials, such as cotton and linen.

.Natural fibres 

.Organic Cotton

Cotton is highly absorbent: natural cotton fibre can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water.

Another advantage of using cotton as a textile is that it also has insulating properties: it retains warm air in contact with the body.

We chose to work our garnments with cotton because it is a fibre that allows us to weave soft and comfortable fabrics, but above all because it is a fabric that is robust and therefore durable.

Whenever we can, we select organically grown cottons, notably GOTS certified, and request information on the origin of the plant's crops.


Linen is a thermo-regulating fibre traditionally associated with summer clothing, but which can be very well worn in winter. Linen is an absorbent fabric and has excellent capacities to absorb superfluous moisture without leaving a trace.

Linen can absorb up to 20% moisture without appearing damp. Linen is an ecological textile since it does not require fertilizer or watering (rain is sufficient).

Linen is completely biodegradable. Another advantage is that its transformation into yarn is carried out using natural processes and by hand (no chemicals used in the process).

We chose linen because it is a very resistant textile fibre. Linen does not warp and above all it softens with washing and is therefore durable.      


Our buttons are made of recycled shells from Bali. We have been working since our beginnings with a workshop specializing in the creation of nacre buttons here in Bali.

We work with another workshop for the creation of our metallized stoppers with an accessory designer in the center of the island.  

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