.Our Philosophy

W akim KRARI the founder of MAISON LES ÉNERVÉS is a French-Moroccan architect and designer based in Bali, Indonesia.Also passionate about video making, he has spent the last few years travelling in Asia, which gave him the inspiration to create his ready-to-wear brand.He chose to settle in Bali for the multitude of possibilities that the island offers him; practicing his profession as an architect while having the possibility to combine travel and hobbies.

How did the idea of launching your own clothing brand came about?

"I wanted to create a garment that would allow me to do my activities freely - going surfing in the morning, putting on a shirt that is both dressy and comfortable for work and an afterwork drink with friends or taking a last-minute flight, a piece that fits my lifestyle perfectly"  -Wakim KRARI.

The "Énervés" or the restless, are above all life loving people with character, who love to travel, whose lifestyle is adaptable and "out of the ordinary".Restless, yes, but founded without anger, because the founder's idea is to offer a garment that can be used differently - that breaks the classic uses of textiles in the fashion industry.

The choice of materials, such as the Honeycomb meshing, is a material we see very little of in the ready-to-wear industry, where it is usually used for household linen. Revolutionizing its use and making it a chic garment is a challenge that the house wanted to take up.And it didn't stop there - it also wanted to review the way other houses shape and work the garment, combining architectural lines and different sewing techniques while paying particular attention to detail.

"In the world of architecture, attention to detail is very important, each element must have its place and be in harmony with each other to create a whole that works"  - Wakim KRARI.

The inspiration of the design confronts various elements that combine perfectly; the precision of the structures of great architects such as Le Corbusier, Franklin L. Wright or Zaha Hadid, and the continuous lines that recall the unexpected.

Wakim also makes a point of integrating sustainable development into its brand vision- preserving the environment and thinking about tomorrow by constantly improving the ecological impact of the firm.
Choosing organic textiles, using recycled and recyclable materials, limiting the use of plastic is a commitment it has made from the outset of MAISON LES ÉNERVÉS.It also wants to include the brand in social actions by favouring local Balinese craftsmen while ensuring that their working conditions are good and their traditions respected.

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